Is it time to be referred for evaluation by a cochlear implantation team?


The best way to know whether an implantable device may be better suited for your hearing needs is to be evaluated by a team that specialises in cochlear implantation. If the cochlear implant team determines that an implant may be a good option for you, you can then decide whether or not you are ready for the intervention.

If you identify with most of the indicators on this poster, you can contact a cochlear implant clinic directly or discuss this further with your audiologist.

Your audiologist can print a referral form here. You can then bring the completed form with you when you meet the cochlear implant team.

Head to our cochlear implant information page for answers to some frequently asked questions.

Clinical referral aid for evaluation by a CI team

This referral aid was developed to facilitate two-way information sharing between referring audiologists and cochlear implant teams.

We suggest that referring clinicians print and complete this referral aid for their adult clients to bring to their appointment with the CI team. Clients can also follow the provided link for more information to support discussions with their CI audiologist.